Good Questions: How Can I Live In My Apt. While I Remodel?

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Hello AT,

I’m getting ready to remodel a kitchen and two bathrooms and would like to stay living in my apartment throughout construction. A minority of my friends say that living there is a great way to supervise a project…

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Other friends say I’m crazy. Any tips to fight dust and dirt and make it bearable?

Thanks! Howard

Dear Howard,

This is a tough one that we’ve gone over a number of times and lived through last summer. And it’s such a good question, we’re going to poll for it:

Our advice on this is that when you live in a SMALL apartment to move out as much as you can. When you move out of your workplace, you save yourself alot of stress by separating your personal life from a zone that is going through intense transition. Quite literally, the energy is a lot to deal with. We also find that work goes more quickly when there is not someone living amidst it.

That said, if your apartment is of a good size and your kitchen and bathroom are a minority of the space, AND the contractors are clean and friendly, you could be fine. We’d still give yourself a break however, and see if you can get part of the work to go on while you are on vacation or something like that.

Does it help to be around to monitor the work? Absolutely, but that doesn’t mean you have to hang out like a hawk, nor does it mean that you can’t be away for a week during the midst of it. Showing up each day in the morning for a check in and/or each afternoon for a check out, should be all you need.

Anyone else??