Good Questions: New Sofa Stink Control?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hi ApartmentTherapy,

We just bought a hip brand new sofa that happens to be vinyl and boy does it have that new sofa smell.

My cat is in the house all day and i can’t stand to think of what the fumes might be doing!

Aside from keeping the windows open, can you recommend anything to get rid of it faster???

Many thanks!! Angela

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Dear Angela,

Off-gassing of new furniture is NOT good. We don’t know the health effects exactly, but you do want to minimize this kind of thing. It can give you a headache if nothing else. That said the only thing we know that you can do it take it outside or open the windows until it is done.

We know a furniture manufacturer in NYC that asks clients whether they would like their furniture right away or if they would like them to hold it in the warehouse while it off-gasses. It’s no fun to wait, but the fumes you are putting up with are awful.

Anyone else??