Good Questions: Looking for Mr. Good Handyman?

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Hello AT,

Help! I am paralyzed by my home repair needs. I would love to find one person who could do a number of little jobs, from unclogging a drain to installing a new bathroom sink/cabinet and lights. Is this an impossible dream — should I just suck it up and call separate people for plumbing, etc., or is there a one-stop shopping solution?

How can I find someone?

Thanks, katie

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Dear Katie,

One of our dreams when we started this site was to be able to assemble just such a list. It has been slow going, but there are some leads in our services guide which you can check out.

The problem is that NY economy really doesn’t support handymen – unless they are attached to a large building, in which case they work for that building. And those that do hang out their shingle often disappear before too long.

If someone like Myk Henry can’t do it all, your best bet is to call separate people: plumber, electrician and carpenter and just slog through it. We also have a new tip – Mario Lopez – which we’ll put up in a second.

If anyone else has a good rec for a handyman or small jobs specialist, comment here and we’ll create a post for them.