Good Questions: Marble Surface Protection?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

God I wish I’d known about your site before embarking on a gut-renovation of my studio apartment!

I’m freaking out about my new vanity top, which is made of the most beautiful piece of marble I’ve ever seen, but is already getting weird watermark-looking spots on its beautiful shine. It’s black with yellow & wite veins running through it, and was mined from under some mountain in Italy….
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I didn’t think I’d have to get all anal about taking care of it, but the little spots it’s already gotten have made me resort to wiping it down to a polish each and every time I use the sink, and not even a soap-dispenser is allowed to sit on its surface – which is defeating half the purpose of having a vanity top!

This obsessiveness is so not me, but I love the thing and god knows I spent enough money on it, so I want to keep it looking beautiful. Any advice on what cleanser to use or a polish to use that would protect it well enough for me not to have to buff it down every friggin’ time I wash my hands?


Dear Rolf,

We are not experts in this, but we are contemplating getting a marble kitchen counter as well, so we’ve been studying up. All our info comes from Stone Source’s website and these links:

You can read for detail, but, in short, you are going to have to keep after your beautiful stone to some extent because it will always be more susceptible to staining, BUT if it is properly “impregnated” and conditioned, you should be fine. This sealant step should have already been done, but – if it hasn’t – you can do it yourself.

Anyone else??