Good Questions: Will Sun Damage My Leather Baby?

published May 9, 2006
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Hello AT,

Will sunlight coming through this window damage my leather chair? If so, is there anything I should do to protect it?

Thanks, Clayton

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Dear Clayton,

We thinks leather is very strong. We also think that sun is stronger. We think that you would be okay but not perfect if you took care of the leather. We think that leather care products are multiple. We think that Mitchell Gold is helpful here:

Why should the leathers be kept out of direct sunlight/heat?
Sunlight is a natural bleaching agent. Any natural substance will be affected adversely by the sun. Heat draws the natural moisture out of the hide and can cause the skins to crack or become ashy. The application of a leather conditioner can reduce these reactions.

Will leather ever fade over time?
Heat and/or sunlight and time can affect all natural substances if not properly maintained. Excessive exposure can fade and dry out leather upholstery.

Leather.. do’s and don’ts.

# Dust or vacuum regularly
# Use lukewarm distilled water for spills or stains to prevent watermark rings or stains.
# Use a soft cloth like a chamois or a soft sponge to prevent scratches or abrasions.
# Wipe lightly in one direction.
# Blot with a dry cloth and let the leather air dry naturally.
# Use water-based Leather Master leather care and cleaning products. To order call 1-800-300-2359 or visit

# Do not place furniture in direct sunlight. Remember the sun is a natural bleaching agent. All fabric and leather upholstery will lighten or discolor in natural sunlight over time.
# Do not place furniture on or near heat sources. Heat can cause natural leather to crack and age prematurely.

Anyone else????