Good Questions: Is There a Nicer Saddle than Metal?

Hello AT,

The contractor started installing the tile in my kitchen last night.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here’s a picture (part of my kitchen renovation gallery!):

I love how the tile looks right next to the wood with no seam, but I know some kind of “saddle” is required between the tile and the wood floor in the hallway.

I know you can get that ubiquitous metal stuff that bridges the flooring divide between rooms, but is there a more beautiful solution?

Thanks for your suggestions, Chris

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Dear Chris, we feel your pain. Definitely avoid metal. In another life, you could have the floor cut away and sink the tile into it, but in this one the best bet is a nice, solid piece of oak floor trim – same as your floor – that will disappear as much as it is heavenly possible from view. And don’t forget, this trim will not only help you avoid stubbed toes, it will also make sure that dirt doesn’t collect against and under the tile.

Another suggestion for you is to stain your wood floor a darker color to blend in more with the slate tile. If you like the dark, chic look of the tile (we do), then darkening the floor will really finish the look.

Anyone else?