Good Questions: Got Any Good Layout Ideas?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I recently moved to Santa Monica and rented a pretty nice little studio that is plenty of space for a single guy. It’s my first place alone and I’ve started to buy furniture here and there but can’t seem to get the arrangement bit down. Do you think you or your readers could offer any help? I think I’m in need of a fresh perspective or something? The image attached includes all the furniture I have. The empty spaces are in fact empty, but I am more than willing to splurge on needed pieces. I really appreciate it!

– Tony

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Hey Tony- well, to be honest the layout looks pretty “good-to-go” to us. The only thing we might suggest is moving the small table and chair into the kitchen nook, and finding a simple way to mask the bedroom space. maybe a nice, diaphanous curtain, like this one from West Elm could fall just behind the couch (You will need to put up a track system on your ceiling- not hard, but not always possible in a rental). Alternatively, you could put a narrow consol behind the couch, which you can stack with books and large potted plants to give the illusion of a wall. (Since youre in Santa Monica now, we think West Elm is a place you should check out)

Anyone else?