Good Questions: Does UV Film Work?

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Hello AT,

While I am blessed with what brokers call an “open city view”, my eastern exposure gets so much light that it heats up my apartment to an uncomfortable degree.

I realize that getting too much light isn’t going to get me any sympathy, but the temperature regularly reaches 80 degrees, even when it is only moderately warm out, and it doesn’t get any cooler during the day… (continued below)

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Yes, I keep the shades down, but I don’t have cross-ventilation, so opening the windows only does so much to reduce the temperature. Somewhere I read about UV film, which would do something to reduce the effects of the light coming through, and, I hope, the heat. Does this ring any bells, and is it possible to install cheaply without looking, well, cheap?

Thanks, Christopher

Dear Christopher,

Our limited knowledge of this type of thing and common sense tells us that UV films do work and look good when they are professionally installed. It is hard to do this successfully DIY as there are so many things that can contribute to bubbling, shrinking, puckering and whatnot.

Here is a good link on this: Window Films – They Work Well

Lowe’s, on the other hand, would have you believe otherwise and it is certainly worth experimenting with you if feel adventurous.

And the New York Window Film Co. will help you if you run out of luck.

Anyone try this themselves??