Good Questions: Where Can I Find Cheaper Cork Tiles?

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Hello AT,

I just bought my first home and I’m setting up one of the bedrooms as an office (I’m a freelance graphic designer). I want one whole wall to be covered in cork so I can display roughly 8 zillion concert/band posters that I’ve designed and collected over the years. The era of taping and stapling them to my parents’ walls are over. Haha. Any suggestion on where to get the cork?

Office Max has 1x1ft squares, but I figured that there is probably a cheaper solution (also a more seamless one). I found another site ( that sells rolls of cork, but the shipping was pretty expensive. I haven’t been able to get a straight answer from Home Depot if they can get it for me or not (my local one doesn’t carry it in the store). Any clues? I live in Norfolk, VA.

Thanks! Amber

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Dear Amber, we can’t wait to see the pics you send us when you are done. ;-), in the meantime, here are some links that should be helpful – though to do a whole wall is going to cost SOMETHING, even if you do it cheaply. All that wallspace will add up.
Cork Craft Screen from HGTV with resource – you might want to cut down on price by going with floor tiles