Good Questions: Taller Room Screens?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

“Hello AT,

I am looking for a colorful, modern freestanding screen (or temporary partition) to block the view of an unused doorway. Everything that i have found is only 6′ tall, and i need it to be at least 7′ high.

Anyone know where i could find a screen that is taller than 6′?

Thanks, Michael”

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Dear Michael, indeed, you are right, most screens seem to be sized at around 6′. We don’t know where to look specifically, except that you this is clearly a one-off sort of hunt you are on, so vintage or antique would be the way to go.

However, a far easier solution would be to buy a screen you like and add short legs. What do you think? Since it would be on the floor, an addition at the bottom would be the least visible place to make a change, and 4″x4″ post could be cut to any length to give you the height you need. Staining or painting would take care of the coloring. To attach, we would use a double ended screw of the type that is used to attach curtain rods end on end.