Good Questions: Sofa Similar to the Halsey from Restoration Hardware?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hi AT:SF, I really fell for the style of this sofa, but could never find a Restoration Hardware store that actually carried it. One of the misfortunes of RH is that they carry many styles, but don’t display them in their stores… I suppose it has something to do with keeping costs down…

…In any case, I contacted their customer service to see if there might be another store sample that might have been made by the same manufacturer; to at least, get a sense of the quality of construction and actually test the comfort level. So sad, it is no longer available. :~(

Because I am so taken by the lines of this particular sofa, I thought I would ask if anyone might know of a similar sofa of similar lines and is of good quality…I am willing to pay for quality, but can’t ever bring myself to ordering something without seeing/testing it for myself.

Thanks for any recommendations!



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