Good Questions: Kitchen Makeover Suggestions?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I’d like to get rid of the magenta countertops in my kitchen. I’ll
also change the cream-colored sink, stove, and tile backsplash.
Unfortunately, the old light-beige tile floor (with grey concrete
grout) must stay (unless someone has a brilliant cover-over idea).
So, what colors/materials would look best in place of the magenta formica? Additionally, can I do anything to the cupboards? The fridge and dishwasher are black.

Thanks so much, Regan

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Without knowing too much more, we’d say go with a white countertop and white sink. Corian wouldn’t be bad either as like it’s soft, non-shiny white quality.

Black granite is always a possibility with your color combinations, but we think this would be too hard for your kitchen, which has a cozy feeling to it.

Anyone else????