Good Questions: Color to Go With This Sofa?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

We just moved to a new apartment and finally decided on a color scheme for our living room. I was going to use a variety of blues and silvers, but we just purchased a couch from someone who needed to get rid of it. The couch is more of a grey green velvet and I am trying to think of another color scheme. I want to avoid anything “earthy” and don’t know where to go with this. I like green and black, but I want a vibrant accent color to throw in. Maybe yellow? It can’t be anything to girly like purple. I am sending a photo of the couch in its former habitat. Ignore the pillows.

Thanks!! Megan

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Dear Megan,

In our opinion, you want to go warm in your living room, so avoid blues and cool greys (unless you are in a really hot climate – which is maybe the next few months in NYC ;-)). Your sofa is quite a nice color and the sage green is warm enough to go with a number of other warm colors.

We would choose a WARM grey off-white for the walls with white trim and deep red accents. We would also throw in black in the form of black wood or metal frame coffee or side tables AND we would introduce a really shiny mercury glass lamp to give it another surface texture.

We would also recommend that you look for pictures to form a Style Tray (this is in The AT Book) so that you can choose the right color mix before you go buying paint or anything else. The kind of sage green you have in your sofa is beloved by Restoration Hardware, so we would look in their catalog for color ideas using this sage first.

Anyone else??