Good Questions: Good Small Affordable AC?

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Hello AT,

It’s that time of year again. I’ve yearned for summer weather and now that it’s finally here I remember how oppressive the NY heat can be. My husband and I have a small apartment (maybe 450-500 sq. feet) with only two windows (one back, one front) on the first floor of a busy street. Yes we’re hot…

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We’re both from South America and can usually work with a fan, but no more. We’re looking for something small, quiet, and not too costly- $150 and under maybe? Neither of us know the in’s and out’s of BTU’s and all, can anyone recommend something?

Thank you in advance for your help. Karen
Hanging style out to dry for the whole neighborhood to see

Dear Karen,

While we don’t have a particular model in mind, we would hop right on over to Compact Appliance and see what they have. They specialize in good small machines and their prices are also reasonable.

Anyone have a specific rec??