Good Questions: Can I Upgrade This Armoire?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

Is there a wallpaper or paint (ideas about how to paint it?) that can turn this old Levitz white enamel armoire into something that either looks like wood or would fit into a more traditional room with wood floors?

It’s an old piece in a friend’s basement that she wants to use to conceal her TV.

Thanks, Valerie

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Dear Valerie,

Painting enamel veneer cabinetry is a tough thing to pull off well. The nice thing about trying it, however, is that you have nothing to lose.

We would use oil based primer first and then an oil based color. We would choose a warm brown or red color and test a small patch on the side of the armoire. We would go for either making it blend into the room (a brown) or making it pop and add life (a red).

We would expect to do at least two coats, so eveness of application is important. We would use a small roller after using a brush to “cut” all the corners and edges.

Anyone else??