Good Questions: Sensory Deprivation Alarm Clock?

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Hello AT,

I’m in search of an alarm clock that may not exist.

The backstory: after suffering with free-floating aches and pains for nearly a year, I discovered that they were simply the result of sleeping in a too-bright room. I just wasn’t sleeping deeply enough, not relaxing fully, and as a result awoke achy and creaky. No light= no pain. Now I’m addicted to the darkness…. [more below]

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We’d used a moonbeam clock for a while, but the constant kitchy glow was thwarting the dark, so it’s been relegated to a box at the back of a closet. Since then we’ve counted on our daughter to act as morning rooster. This works 90% of the time, but there have been several ill-timed mornings when we’ve all overslept. Time to find a clock. I’m searching for one with no illumination: no glowing hands, no LED numbers. And no ticking. A sensory-deprivation alarm clock. Any suggestions you or the AT community can offer will be much appreciated.

All the best, Shelby