Good Questions: Waldorf Dolls

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Marissa sent us an email: “I was wondering what can you tell me about Waldorf dolls? I was recently at my son’s new preschool school orientation and I heard some of the moms talking about Waldorf dolls. I just nodded and followed along, but had no idea what they were talking about? What are they? What’s so special about them?”

That’s a good question, Marissa. A staple of Waldorf education, Waldorf Dolls were introduced at the end of W.W.I at the first Waldolf School in Germany.

Boys and girls at the school received a doll whose purpose was to develop the children’s sense of nurturing and compassion, as well as to encourage their creative play and imagination.

Waldorf Doll faces have simple expressions so as not to steer the child’s play in a certain direction but to let children take the lead. Waldorf Dolls are usually handmade and constructed with natural, organic materials. The simplicity of the dolls seems to go hand in hand with green design.

Since custom made Waldorf Dolls are quite pricey, we’re partial to Joy’s Waldorf Dolls for their how to patterns and DVDs. We also love Island Treasure Toys for their inexpensive baby Waldorf Dolls (only $20) and to Willow Tree Toys for their line of Fair Trade dolls.

Does your child have a Waldorf doll? Are you a fan, or not so much?