Good Questions: Is a Headboard Necessary?

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Hello AT,

I live in Copenhagen so I know it is out of your normal range but it’s a general question: My boyfriend and I can’t find a bed that we like in this whole city. They are all very modern and sharp where as we want to create a room that’s friendly, colourful and warm. Rather than buy a bed we don’t really like we have almost decided to do without a bed head but I can’t get over the idea that a bedroom is incomplete without one. Any suggestions/ comments??

Thanks, Summar

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Dear Summar,

We’ve lived with headboards and without them so they are by no means necessary, but they are a nice finishing touch to a bed. You can, however, get the headboard effect in a bunch of different ways.

1. Put really good cups on the feet of your bedframe so that when you sit up in bed it doesn’t slide. You want a firm surface at your head.

2. Use big pillows as a headboard. By putting many pillows at the top of your bed you will create the visual and comfortable effect of having a headboard.

3. Use anything else as a headboard. We currently are using a tall mirror from IKEA on its side as a headboard. Other places we have seen folks use old doors, simple pieces of wood and/or we have made a simple headboard out of foam, wood and fabric.

4. Paint your headboard! If you want to visually finish your bed and do something fun, try painting a headboard on the wall in a glossy color that will go well with your bed and contrast with the wall.

Anyone else??