Good Questions: Save Me From Taco Bell?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I’ve done a lot of traveling throughout Latin America and have come home with many souvenirs – brightly dyed floor rugs, embroidered pillows, tiles, mirrors, woven tablecloths, crosses, tiny knickknacks from every country I’ve visited, etc. etc. etc. I’m open to some culling, but ideally I’d love to display as many of these memories as possible! My problem is finding inspiration and suggestions about how to work these things into a a pre-war NY apartment without looking as though I’ve imposed a garish Taco Bell on the premises….

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Most of the designs I have seen would work well in California/the Southwest but would overwhelm my tiny NY (rental) apartment–plus I’m not a huge fan of Mission-style furniture, which seems to be a VERY popular. Can anyone offer advice?

Thanks, Lindsay

(photo is a Melba Levick image–sadly my home is lacking tilework like this!