Good Questions: Dragon Bed

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

AT friend Mommy Poppins asks: My son really wants a dragon bed. I couldn’t find anything
like that anywhere. Anybody have any creative ideas of how I could
make a dragon bed that would impress a 5 year old?

Well, we couldn’t find anyone that makes a dragon bed, either. But we have a few ideas. We would be tempted to build a loose frame around a twin bed and paint it to look like a Dragonboat, or to find a dragonboat maker and ask for the front half of a boat, to get a ferocious dragon head to attach at the footboard. But that is pretty complicated.

For the illusion that being in bed is like riding a dragon, an easier solution might be to mount the head of a Chinese Dragon Kite on a post attached to the middle of the footboard of the bed, so that the head is a little taller than a child, and attaching the kite tail so that it runs down the side of the bed to loop around the headboard. Red sheets and a comforter (or green, depending on your breed of dragon) complete the ‘dragon’. If it was us, we might also buy some really cheap throw pillows and a couple of yards of felt, cut the felt into ‘dragon scales’, hotglue the scales onto the pillows, and then scatter them around the end of the bed, for authenticity.

AT readers, you are all so creative. How would you make a dragon bed for an imaginative 5 year old?