Good Questions: Display Troubleshooting

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Dear Unplggd,
I have a Acoustic Solutions TV (LCD26805HD). I have bought all the correct cables (I think), one is a HDMI to DVI-D cable and the other is a audio cable, which is a Mini Jack to 2 RCA cables. I am able to get my desktop image to be on my TV screen, but thats it. There are no desktop icons on the screen and when I open a program, like Autocad or play Windows Media Player nothing comes up on the TV. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My computer is a Toshiba P100 laptop.


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We’re stumped, unless maybe it has something to do with the display settings. We found a helpful video that teaches you all the basics of hooking up your computer to your television, but your problem sounds like it may be specific to your setup. Anyone want to take a guess to what’s going on?

Image: *nathan