Good Questions: Small Spot Upholstery Repair?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I was inspired by the question about how to keep cats from scratching furniture. We have 3 cats and, while we do use Soft Paws, we aren’t the best about keeping them on (the cats like to remove them whenever they can) and we don’t have a good scratching post that they like.

We have a loveseat we bought used, but in great condition, about a year ago. The photo shows what the cats have managed to do to one arm in that time…

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(The other arm has some damage as well, but much less.) I
don’t want to buy a slipcover (tried that on an old couch and it
never looked nearly as nice as in the catalog), and I don’t want to
hire someone to reupholster the whole thing when it’s only about 3
square inches that are damaged.

Is there any service or do-it-yourself fix for repairing a small spot of upholstery?

Thanks, Genevieve

Can Anyone help Genevieve???