Good Questions: Big Sofa for a Big Guy?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I’m a big guy and I’m looking for a deep sofa that I can lie down on. I like clean lines and hate lots of throw pillows, so there’s limited choices, particularly out here in the boonies (PA state capital area). I saw this discussion from last year on the subject of deep sofas.

Any updates? My own looking has found this Milo Baughman Thayer Coggin sofa, with a 26″ SD. But the TC dealer in my town doesn’t have a sample in stock. Any thoughts on the brand & model? Know of any dealers in the Mid-Atlantic region that have one on the floor that I could visit? …

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I get to NY, Philly, and Balt./Wash. occasionally, so traveling isn’t a big deal.

I like the looks of the IKEA Kramfors, Tylosand, and Gotteborg but am worried about their quality.

I also have looked at a DEEP (43 inches!) sectional sold by Klaussner in their Distinctions line, called “Melrose Place.” Can’t find a picture online though. The configuration I’ve thought of, 2 corners and an armless chair in the middle, would do the trick as a sofa, but I can’t find any independent information on the manufacturer. It’s about $2K, so I’m hesitant to go that way unless I could get some idea of their quality.

Any guidance greatly appreciated, Dave

Dear Dave,

The Milo Baughman sofa from Thayer Coggin is a real nice one. We helped a client buy one just a few months back from Rico in Brooklyn, where they have a bunch of models on the floor. We would check them out there.

As for the others you mention, we would avoid the Ikea if you can afford it and hopefully someone else will know about the Klaussner you mention.