Good Questions: Too Much Tuft?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

My heart was set on buying the M&G Chester sofa, but I bought 2 Earl chairs (left) in distressed brown leather because they were on sale this past week. Now I am not sure whether the Earl chair and the Chester sofa together is overkill on the tufted theme.

Do you think the 2 styles will work together in a living room?…

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(I obviously have my doubts) If they can work together, which color fabric for the sofa would complement the chairs? Or do you think another style of sofa will be a more interesting design style? I need help!



Dear Bklynmoone,

When in tuft, do as the tufted do…. In other words, though these two choices match, they work well together and strongly communicate the era of that style. If you don’t really like the Victorian style and are really more Eclectic, then you should play against this style and choose something with curve but no tufts. And if you go with both and simply want to mix it up a little bit, then choose a fabric for the sofa that will complement but be a bit of a contrast with the chairs.

For example, if the chairs are the color above, go darker with the sofa in a neutral, brown direction.

Anyone else??