Good Questions: Can I Paint My Boontje?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I got a great deal on a clump of 4 Tord Boontje garland lights at Moss‘ big sale. The only problem is they are bright brassy yellow gold and my decor is mostly earth tones. I need suggestions on the best way to go about painting or treating the metal to make it match my decor…

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Can it be spray painted to look more of a bronze or copper color similar to the “rust” colored version of this light? Will I have to hand paint each nook and cranny? How can I assure even coverage on such an organically shaped object?

Thanks! Amy

Dear Amy,

Ouch! This is a tough one and we would generally NOT advise trying to mess with Boontje’s plated metal, however we totally understand your situation.

Perhaps a more enterprising soul would have a solution?

Perhaps soaking them in sea water and letting the patina distress itself?