Good Questions: Hiding the Monstrously Ugly AC Unit?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I love my new apartment but hate its ugly airconditioning units. I like that we don’t have to block our windows with air conditioners, but the built-in units are hard on the eyes. Aside from throwing a blanket over them when they’re not in use, do you have any ideas for concealing these monstrosities?

Carrie in Brooklyn

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Dear Carrie,

Personally, we find the tight little covers that you can get at the hardware store pretty good. They are usually off-white and generally make the machine fade away into the wall. We think that making the machine disappear is better than trying to “decorate” it, but some may disagree.

Here’s a funky solution from ATChicago: Air Conditioner Cover by Leslie Fry.

In your case, however, you also should do a little fixing up of the enclosure so that it looks a little better all the time. We would apply some thin Luon tight around the machine and paint everything to match the wall.

While the AC is not glamourous, we’d say the main problem you are combatting is a visually busy and not tidy surrounding.

Anyone else?