Good Questions: Stylish Temporary Bedside Solution?

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Hello AT,

I am moving into a new apartment at the end of the month and am in need of some ideas for night/stands or bed side tables. I don’t yet own a set of bedroom furniture and would hate to go out and buy a cheap (ikea) set just for the heck of it. Instead, I would like to come up with a CHEAP temporary solution untill I have the time and money to invest in some really great pieces. All I really need is a place beside my bed to hold my lamp, a book and my alarm clock! Any stylish suggestions?

Thanks! Beth

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Dear Beth,

Good for you! Waiting for something good and not buying something cheap in the meantime. Now, do we have any ideas?

1. Take two simple cardboard boxes and wrap them in fabric
2. Use two chairs
3. Make two piles of big coffee table books and put a slab of glass on top
4. Put a slab of glass on top of anything
5. Like a wastepaper basket upside down
6. Or a big flower pot
7. Or a cinder block
8. Or carefully stacked LARGE cans of whole tomatoes (with cool italian labels)

Anyone else????

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