Good Questions: 2 HDTV’s with One Cable Box?

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Dear AT Home Tech,

Last year, I bought a 42″ Panasonic plasma HD TV. It is mounted on the wall in my living room. I was a newbie at the time so it took awhile to figure out that I not only needed the HD TV, but I also had to upgrade my cable box (and service) in order to get all available HD programming.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Now I would like to set up another TV in my office/guest bedroom (I am thinking about a 21″ LCD this time in the location pictured to the right). My question is, what will I need in order to get:

a) cable programming

I envision this TV like they look in the ads – no extraneous cables or tuner boxes anywhere! Is this realistic? Is there some wireless contraption that will allow me to use the existing cable set up from one room in another room?

Many thanks,

Hi Kathryn,

So it sounds like you’ve already invested in the HD cable box for the Panasonic plasma. To get analog cable to the second tv, you can get a splitter to split the tv signal but if you want HD on the second TV, I’m afraid you will have to invest in another cable box.

As for the setup in the picture you sent, the tuner box can be eliminated if HD is not required, but otherwise it is an unfortunate byproduct of HDTV. Typically these setups have all the wires running through the wall and coming out into a cabinet directly below the tv and connected to the components. I have done this with my own home setup and am quite happy with the way it turned out.

Anyone else out there know any better or have other suggestions for Kathryn?

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