Good Questions: What To Do With the New Rug?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I just moved into a one-bedroom apartment with my fiance. My father sent us his housewarming gift: a 5×8 Chinese silk carpet. We tried putting it in the living room but it seems that the color is off. I’m attaching two photos: #1 with the new carpet, and #2 with the simple striped cotton rug that we like just fine (see below).

So here are my two questions…

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

First, if we want to keep the new silk carpet, what changes would we have to make in the living room to make it work? Second, if we stick with the original cotton rug, should we pay to store the carpet in hopes that we can use it next time we move (at least 2 years from now)? Or would it be better to sell the expensive gift and use the money to buy something else, like a flat-screen TV instead of the clunky one we have now…

Thanks for your help! Dutiful Daughter

Dear DD,

We think the carpet is pretty nice, but obviously not your style and we wouldn’t change the room to suit its style. In light of this, sell it off quickly and live in the present.

With the money, you should absolutely buy a rug, however, to honor the gift and replace the old one, which is nice but too small.

For a larger cotton rug in the style that you like, we would go first to Pottery Barn and then to ABC carpet and then to Wisteria.

Anyone else??