Good Questions: Snowglobe Hell Help?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I have a snowglobe collection that is snowballing out of control, and I simply can’t think of a way to showcase them in my studio apartment. (I’m talking about the plastic tourist-attraction snowglobes, not their upscale cousin: the glass-on-a-wood-base globe.) My “decor” (such as it is) is more Upper West Side English major (e.g., numerous bookcases, which do hold the elegant wood-and- glass globes as well as books), more shabby than chic, stuck (though fairly happily) in the 19th century…

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Though I realize that some people find these plastic snowglobes tacky (so much so that one relative refuses to bring me any from her worldwide travels … but that’s another issue …), I find them cheery and charming and just can’t bear to get rid of them. I’d love an elegant (but will settle for attractive) way to show them off. Since everyone who visits me likes to look at and play with them, I’d also like to display them in as accessible a way as I can. Many thanks for your tips and suggestions.

Thanks, Paula