Good Questions: How To Heal the Hallway?

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Hello AT,

We are a family of four living and working in a 1000 s.f. apartment in Canada. Sorry about the mess in the photos!

Issue #1
We are very hard on our surfaces and I have come to the conclusion that drywall won’t work in the entranceway. It’s a narrow space and it’s incredibly beat up after only 5 years. Country looks such as wainscotting don’t really suit our urban apartment and as you can see there’s already lots of wood. I was wondering if a tile treatment would work in the entrance hall?…

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I like the idea of bringing in a different texture. Would mosaic tiles work? Something light and neutral or more colourful? Floor-to-ceiling? A challenge with the tile idea is that I wouldn’t be able to afford to continue the treatment along the wall into the adjacent hallway so the tiling would stop at the corners.

Also, I plan to put in a backsplash treatment in the kitchen – I assume that it would have to match the entranceway tile?

Issue #2

The bifold closet doors are ugly, crooked, cheap-looking and they never seem to function properly. I’m wondering if mirrored sliding doors would be an attractive alternative? That would be really practical for appearance checks and for reflecting light (if we get an entrance door with a window).

Door that open would be nicer than sliding doors but some people in this household don’t seem to like closing doors so there would be issues with the entranceway being frequently blocked.

Here are some photos of the space – feel free to use them as needed.
Flickr Set.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Dear Ksenia,

This is only our opinion:

Remove all your bifold doors and replace them with simple cotton canvas curtains that you can wash.

Install tile or mirror along the other wall to reflect light and create more durable surface.

DON’T match tiles in the kitchen. Keep the kitchen separate from the hallway.

Anyone else??