Good Questions: Floor Cushions for Play Time?

Good Questions: Floor Cushions for Play Time?

Julia Cho
Jul 26, 2007

Elizabeth had a question for us:

As our daughter becomes more mobile we would like to be able to spend floor time with her, but we would love to do it without being totally uncomfortable. I would love any recommendations for floor cushions that we can use for sitting, lunging, playing, cuddling, reading,etc. I've seen Fat Boy but we prefer something that is cleaner and more organized.

I am racking my brain trying to find a series of stackable cushions I saw previously. They were rectangular and could be stacked or used individually. does anyone out there know what i am talking about?

Thanks Elizabeth.
It's true, as parents, we spend a lot of time on the floor. You might be interested in a post we did on Lunella a while back. These look great, they're lightweight, and stackable.

These Flop Cushions (pictured above) might suit your clean taste more. They fold easily for storage or to lean against the wall. They kind of remind us of the sofa cushions from our college dorm,(well, they're a bit nicer) so maybe you could snag some of those from a flea market or thrift store.

Incase you haven't seen the Fatboy Island , it has a cleaner look than the regular Fatboy.

You might even think about plain floor cushions like the ones from Crate and Barrel. They're only $39.95 and could easily be stacked in a corner or under a sofa or coffee table. Pier 1 and Urban Outfitters also have a selection of these.

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