How To Fit Book Storage into Low Ceilinged Area?

Q: We recently purchased this condo in the Over the Rhine area of downtown Cincinnati. We haven’t moved in yet, but we’re already making plans for furniture and layouts. One of the big questions we have is what to do for bookcases.

At our current apartment we have 14″ ceilings and tall bookcases, but as you can see from the photos that type of layout will not work in the main living space of the new condo.

We’re thinking of taking a page from some Frank Lloyd Wright homes we’ve seen and do some sort of low slung built-in bookcase below the windows and around the room, however we’d have a maximum height of around 32″. I am hoping AT readers might have some other creative ideas for us!

Sent by Dan

Editor: What an amazing space! Please share your suggestions and ideas on how to fit in book storage with Dan in the comments below…thanks!

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