Good Questions: What should I do with this living room?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Hi AT,

I am having a very difficult time figuring out what to do with my living room. This massive white fireplace takes up a good portion of the room. How can I make this focal point more aesthetically pleasing? Not only is it extremely large and white, it is also curved.


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Wow, April, we think your fireplace is fantastic! We do agree that you should tone it down a bit by choosing a more subdued hue for the brick. But the fact that it’s curved gives it flair– and makes it easier to maximize the limited floor space. A sofa positioned parallel to and facing the wall with the door will still also face the fireplace, which is your focal point. And since space is precious here we’d keep the rest of the large furnishings fairly spare: just a comfy chair to the right of the door (facing the fireplace)and a low table that can be used as a coffee table but that can also be pushed aside when you need open space.

The recess above the fireplace is calling out for some great art, and choosing something you love for that spot–something that could become the basis for the room’s color scheme– is a great way to start making this living room yours.

Anyone else?