Good Questions: Looking For Mr. Good Canopy Kit?

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Hello AT,

Where can I find ceiling canopy kits, also known as hardwire kits or hardwire socket set, for hanging a hardwired pendant lamp? I want to hardwire a cord and socket set for a paper lamp/shade. I looked at chinatown electric and lighting by gregory. I want a very plain white or silver colored canopy — which I cannot seem to find in most hardware or lighting stores. nor can I find the proper type of cord and socket. this is the only one I can find (pic left), and it seems kind of expensive to me…

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it is meant for a specific brand of shade, but seems like it could be used generically. I was expecting to pay maybe $15? people must want this type of thing all the time when they don’t want to use the plug-in cords. what gives? why aren’t they everywhere? must I resort to buying a $20 pendant light at ikea just to get the cord set?

thanks, cate

Dear Cate,

The perfect place to look is Lighting Plus. If they don’t have it, you may need to go the IKEA route. Why? We haven’t the foggiest, except that since this is a piece of a finished product and hardwiring is not retail niche, it lives at the distributor level.

Anyone else???