Good Questions: Where To Get Wood Floors in NYC?

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Hello AT,

I’ve just bought a one bedroom apartment on the 16th floor of a midcentury building near Yankee Stadium and I need to install a hardwood floor. The current floor is concrete covered in broken vinyl
tiles. I’ve done my research and am fairly certain what I want, namely, a prefinished engineered floating oak or maple wood floor. Problem is, I don’t know where to buy it and who to have install it….

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I looked into buying the wood from Lumber Liquidators but have read and heard so many horror stories about them that they are definitely off my list. I also checked out Home Depot. Again, I came across one horror story after another.

I could go to New York Flooring, a bespoke company that sells and installs intricately designed hardwood floors. If money were no object, I’d certainly hire them. But if money were no object, I wouldn’t have bought an apartment that needed a floor to begin with. My question: can anyone recommend a reputable middle-of-road company that could provide and install my modest little floor? I’d be forever grateful.

Thanks! Barbara in the Bronx

Dear Barbara,

Our best experiences have come with buying the wood floor through the person installing it. You kill two birds with one stone that way.

Our go to guy is a charming Irishman named Vincent Devaney of Devaney Custom Flooring. He is a small outfit and can get really busy so that it is tough to pin him down, but if you get him, you will be lucky.

It would be great to get references here for others.