Good Questions: Who will dye my slipcovers?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hi AT,

I have some chairs with canvas slipcovers that don’t match the rest of my decor, so I’d like to dye them. I would rather hire someone to do this than to undertake the messy job myself. Does anybody know of an establishment in the city that does this?


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Hi Jennifer,

Dyeing slipcovers is an excellent, budget-conscious way to refresh a room (though for best results you should start with white slipcovers made from natural fibers).

We were excited by Jennifer’s question — until we discovered that the only place we know of in SF that provides this service has gone out of business (G. F. Thomas Dyeing and Cleaning Works on 14th Street).

So, does anyone else have help for Jennifer, or for readers in Oregon and Washington?