Before & After Kitchen Still Has a Way to Go…

before100709.jpgQ: I’m signing up for kitchen help! I’ve attached a “before” photo to show how far it’s come but there’s still a way to go. Before photo is shown at left, and the after is below the jump…




1. The heavy cabinets make the white appliances zing! And they darken the windowless working side of the kitchen – plus the cabinet stain has a greenish tinge that clashes with the warmer oak floor. Painting is the obvious solution but what colour? The wrong shade of white or cream will bring out the “salmon” in the granite (see picture) or make the appliances look dingy grey, or clash with the bright mustard walls.

2. Although I like a yellow kitchen, this room is long and narrow – it feels like the walls are closing in. In some lights the yellow looks a bit sickly. Better placement of pictures on the walls might help (I love black-and-white with mustard) or I could paint the whole room white. But the trouble with white is that it might look too brilliant next to the adjoining room, which has 20-foot ceilings painted khaki/olive (I don’t love this colour but it’s liveable for now). I’m not a big fan of “putty” neutrals and I think our place has too many warm tones to include grey.

3. What kind of window treatment do you suggest for the big window in the kitchen? Right now we’ve got a white metal office blind. I’d like something that softens the area without looking fussy – it’s a strange window because there’s moulding INSIDE the window casing (we plan to add a window seat in there since it’s deep enough).

4. How do I convince my husband to let me paint perfectly good oak cabinets? For him, wood grain is sacrosant and must never be painted, no matter how ugly it is. Check out the hideous painting with the rustic frame, which he likes because a friend of his painted it as a wedding present for us (argh!!). Much as I love my husband, the rustic look isn’t working for me and I’d like to move it to his man room but he refuses because he wants to give it pride of place. I think a mirror would be lovely there – it bounce light into the room from the big south-facing window. (I realize this is more of a couples issue than a decor issue, but I imagine other readers can relate! How do others deal? Compromise doesn’t seem to work when you’re trying to create a cohesive vision for a room.)

Inspiration Kitchen

Here’s an example of a yellow kitchen I love – how can I get there?

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