Good Questions: Perfect Cabinet for Wall Mount TV?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I recently bought a 42 inch plasma TV which I’m planning on wall mounting. That’s a good thing, but I have a dilemma: what kind of cabinet should I buy that will work with the wall mounted TV without obstructing it? I’m thinking a low lying long cabinet around 2-3 feet in height and 5-6 feet in width so that the only focal point on that wall is the TV…

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But turns out, I cant find any cabinet like that anywhere. Firstly, does that seem like a good idea? and secondly, if so, where do I go about looking for a cabinet like that?

Thanks for all your help, J

Dear J,

That sounds like a good idea and you might want to check out the thread from yesterday that was very close.

Our personal favorites are the following:

The Zurich from Room and Board
The Strata from Blu Dot (we’ve bought a bunch of these, but we’re not seeing it on their site right now….)
Avion from BDI (their other stuff is good too)

Anyone else??