Good Questions: 58″ Simple Worktop?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I have been looking for a basic table / desk that is between 55 and 58″ without success. Of course there are many tables at 48″ and at 60″. I have a home office that has a 58″ alcove that is crying out for a work surface.

Can anyone suggest a source for a clean, spare table/desk in wood/melamine/metal/other that looks a nudge better than Ikea

I really like the expensive Prouve Compas which is too big. Original Compas tables were made in smaller sizes but I haven’t seen any for sale.

Thanks, Peter

Despite what you say about Ikea, they have THE best straight ahead worktops we’ve seen (that don’t look unlike the Prouve). You take these metal legs and combine them with solid beech top (cut down to exactly your size).

We have seen this in a friend’s lux SoHo loft and didn’t even know it was Ikea. If you want a clean white finish, we would take a good white floorpaint with polyurethane in it and apply three thin coats with a roller.

You can also try these sources: White on White and Oriac Design. Both of these places would have something you wouldn’t mind taking a circular saw to. (Thanks, Peter!) MGR