Good Questions: A Satisfying Shelter Magazine?

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Hello AT,

Hi, my subscription to Dwell is about to expire. I always have a subscription to one house magazine or another, but none of them satisfy very long. They are not about comfort or beauty, they are about trophy houses and spending large amounts of money. They are not even really about good design, and there’s nothing to *read* in them. I’ve done Architectural Digest, I’ve done House Beautiful. Dwell was a big improvement for a while, but in the year I’ve been subscribed I’ve seen it change towards the Standard House Magazine Model…

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My ideal house magazine should have an article about a fascinating artist/designer/environmentalist/architect. It should have some practical advice about how to make or fix or care for something. Of course it has to have pictures of a beautiful house, and it should be a house that you can actually imagine someone living in. (Conran’s books have that virtue – those rooms clearly belong to real people.) It should have some book reviews. It should have an advice columnist(house advice). And a regular before/after article.

So what magazines are out there that I don’t know about? What do you recommend?

Many thanks, Joanne

Dear Joanne,

You’ve got us, and it sounds like a great outline for a magazine. Anyone?