Good Questions: My Nursery is Buggy!

Good Questions: My Nursery is Buggy!

Aug 17, 2007

AT: Nursery reader Marialena has a big problem: My lovely nursery has an ant and spider problem. The room is carpeted, and when I emptied my vacuum last week, I realized that I had vacuumed up scores of ants. Worse still, my husband keeps finding spiders on the wall over the crib. How can I get rid of the bugs?

Move. Okay, seriously....this is a baby's room, and no place for chemicals, so we are back to Grandma's green recipes for how to get rid of the bugs. First up, the ants. Chances are, you have spiders because they have an easy meal around, and if you get rid of the easy meal, your spiders will migrate back behind the loo where they belong. Getting rid of ants is easy, and you probably have all the ingredients you need your kitchen.

Baking soda and salt get rid of ants. Mix them together, in equal proportions, and sprinkle all over the carpet. Leave it overnight, and vacuum up. Repeat every few days, until you don't see any ants, and then a few days longer for good measure.

Ants cannot abide salt - if it is in the path, they won't continue. If it is all over the floor, they will go elsewhere. And the baking soda deodorizes the room, which is nice generally, but also disrupts the scent trails laid down by common ants for those that follow them.

At the same time, check your nursery for anything that may be attracting them - cans of formula, any kind of food item, and get it out of there. Baby clothing and cloth wipes with any kind of food/formula/breastmilk are all attractive to ants.

As for the spiders....we used to live in a building infested with Black Widow Spiders, and swore by Oil of Citronella. Just wipe it on all the walls and ceiling, and if you can, all of the furniture as well, especially the back. This will also dissuade other crawly pests from the room, and according to the EPA, it is perfectly safe around humans and pets.

That is what we would do.AT:Nursery readers, some of you must have encountered this issue - how do you get rid of bugs in your nursery?

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