Help Finding Similar Items For Less?

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Q:I’m looking for two things- The first is a large circle chair similar to one Macy’s has for $999, with more color options and a lower price. Is this a pipe dream? I have seen the one at, and it’s a little small.

The second is a large pendant light that will showcase a Tungsten Filament Bulb. Pottery Barn does have a 12″ x 16″ clear glass option for $149, but I need the dark glass that the 16″ Trend Lighting TP5903 Deimos Large Pendant has. Unfortunately, it’s over $500. Their 12″ version is $339, but I’d like to find a 16″ pendant like this for a great price. A small globe won’t match the scale of the larger pieces in the room. Where can I find these pieces?

Sent by JD from Seattle

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