Good Questions: Creative Organizer Alternatives?

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Hello AT,

Consider the literature sorter: Utilitarian, but ugly. Oh so ugly! Is it a necessary evil? Or is there a better way?

As a freelance magazine writer, I must keep a quantity of various magazines on hand in order to research a magazine’s editorial style and layout before pitching one of my story ideas to them. I have been using said ugly putty colored plastic 24-compartment literature sorter to do this. And it’s starting to make me visually sick…

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Any like-minded souls out there who’d like to chime in with creative alternatives?

I was thinking about making this into a sculptural landscape of sorts, perhaps using round containers grouped in rows of varying elevations (think choir members performing on risers). The diameter of each container would have to be sufficient to hold about a dozen magazines. I thought about doing a garden theme, using ceramic pots.


Thanks, Denise

Dear Denise,

As bleak as your organizers look – and we ABSOLUTELY think you should shake it up if you need to – we think that the horizontal system you’ve got is actually pretty darn good. It may just need an upgrade in terms of the organizers themselves.

The thing is you will be hard pressed to find a solution that will be much more efficient than your present one.

On that note, we recuse ourselves (we’re also partially jealous of all the room she has there), and open up the thread: