Good Questions: What shape is chic for these lamps?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Amely writes:
Hello AT, I found these super cool cork-and-chrome lamps at a flea market,but I’m a little stumped about what shape lamp shade will look best . I’m thinking either a deep drum or a even a more bulbous, round shape would work–if such a thing even exists–or do you suggest something more angular to play off the curves? I know I want a deep chocolate brown, which makes it even harder. I’ve looked all over the web and not sure where to turn. Can you advise me on what you think would be the chicest shape, and where to find it without breaking the bank? (And yes, they will be in this room with the yellow wall.)

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Hi Amely- those lamps are a great find! We agree that a deep drum shade would be a great solution. You’ll also want to consider the height and scale of the surrounding elements the lamps will be around. Chocolate brown could be an excellent color option for the shade, but most probably would need to be custom made. We could also see a black shade or even simple white shade as other options. We’ve actually seen some really affordable ready-made drumshades at Target and Kmart… although we’re not sure if they will fit the scale you need, but it’s worth a look-see. Does anyone else have any thoughts/suggestions?