Good Questions: Shady Fabric for My Window??

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Hello AT,

There is no wall insulation in our F!?-ing condo and we are on the top (4th) floor. Our living room windows face west, get unbearably hot in the afternoon, and retain the heat throughout the evening.

Where can I buy (in small yardage) a drapeable sunscreen fabric in rich colors that would be as effective as shade cloth in keeping out the sun but elegant enough to make floor-to-ceiling curtains out of?

Thanks, Mardi

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Dear Mardi,

for shading we always recommed solar shades, which are a finely woven vinyl roller-type shade. You can see them here at Smith and Noble. We also saw some cheaper, ready to install versions at Bed, Bath and Beyond last weekend if you are near one of those.

As far as hanging fabric goes, we would recommend NOT using a synthetic and going with a light cotton or linen. Natural fibers are much more healthy to live with, are easily manipulated to shade the sun and can be washed. Pottery Barn has a great selection of affordable sheer curtains in a number of colors. For fabric in or around NYC, go to Harry Zarin , Joe’s Fabric or B&J Fabrics or

Anyone else?