Good Questions: Should I Refinish My Floors?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

My rental apartment was built in the 1980 with the ubiquitous “wood parquet” floors.

The landlord was to paint the walls and refinish the floors before I moved in. They didn’t get around to it and have offered to refinish the floors if I move everything out for a few days. Pretty much out of the question to move for a few days, I have lots of heavy stuff…

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The floors could be worse, some areas have worn polyurethane, an occasional splinter. Truth is, they look so ugly, cheap, and always dingy and dirty. So even if I do move out and let the landlord hire their refinisher, I’d be stuck with cleaner version of these ugly wood veneer tiles.

If I owned the apartment I would strip the floors and stain them in Special Walnut. I used the dark stain on the wood floors in an apartment that I owned and love the effect.

I have a Persian 9 x 12 ” rug which covers the living area but don’t like the idea of scatter rugs. (I’m also allergic to dust mites and need to avoid textiles).

Other than the floor, low ceiling, and cheap boxy sheet rock walls with visible taped seams, my apartment’s not bad.

Any suggestions?? Patricia

Dear Patricia,

We have these tiles as well and – believe me – they are not so bad when they are cleaned up with a new coat of poly. We would go for it. And, if you can get the landlord to use a darker toned poly to get a bit closer to the walnut stain you like.

Anyone else??