Good Questions: Rethinking My Plasma?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hi, I’m subletting my NYC apartment (that I own) to move back west. I want to take my Sony Plasma monitor but it doesn’t come with speakers. Can I get speakers and a tabletop stand somewhere–it’s currently attached to the wall. What do you recommend? Thanks, Samantha

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Dear Samantha,

This is completely feasible, but what components you need depends both on the quality you want and your budget. You can get a tabletop stand for your plasma, and depending on what your model is, you may find one at Monitor Outlet, Inc. And speakers, too, should be a pretty easy solution. You’ll just need speakers of your choice (even simple computer speakers like these would work) and an adapter.

Any readers out there have some advice or favorite products?

Thanks for the question!