Good Questions: How To Best Utilize This Closet?

published Mar 27, 2007
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Hello AT,

In my endless vacillation between less space/better neighborhood, more space/not so great, I’m moving to a tiny studio. I don’t mind cozy, but the single closet in the place is the major drawback. There is no door, and it has a narrow long layout, with the bars one behind the other. In real-estate terms this was called a ‘walk-in closet’!…

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I also have a small dog that will chew anything
left on the floor, so need to store shoes and such above her reach.
Any suggestions for redesigning this as a functional closet would
be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, LS

Dear LS,

Your closet is a challenge, but it’s not hopeless! Its strengths are that it has a high ceiling and nice long side walls (even though it would be preferable to have width instead of length).

The trick here is to turn your closet sideways and use the side walls as if they were back walls.

We would rip out everything there and mount bars for hanging clothing at the back – one on top of the other – as high as you can reach. Then we’d do some kind of shelving (Elfa?) up the left or right wall for your clothing. This will make the closet a bit narrower, but it will give you tons of storage space, keep the floor free and allow you to best use this unique space.

Anyone else??