Good Questions: Whither Fake Succulents?

(Note: Because we’re getting so many good questions, we’re going to be putting more up and keeping our answers short. We trust that readers – who have most of the answers – will fill in.)

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Hello AT,

So I like the current trendy succulent plants. I especially like this one from crate & barrel. The only thing is, I hate the pot that C&B sells it in. I suppose I can spend the money on the fake plant and repot it myself, but I’d rather find someone that has similar fake succulents that I can pot myself. Any ideas?

Thanks, Paul

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First of all, thanks for joining us on the walk last Sunday. It was a pleasure to meet you. And secondly, can I possibly convince you to go with real succulents as opposed to fake? Not only do I not know where to find fake ones (except by doing a search like this or going to, succulents are so much easier to keep than regular tropical plants.

I would get a real Echevaria first.

Where? The flower district. Walk down 28th street on the west side and you’ll hit a whole bunch. We’re sure you’ll find some succulents here.